It can be a hard time when your parents break up. You may feel worried about what will happen when your parents are not together anymore.

amica can help you and your parents. amica is an online way to help your parents agree about how they will look after you when they break up.

amica takes them through steps about how and when they will each spend time with you. It helps parents think about what is best for you. It helps them think about what you need.

You can also have a say about what you would like to do. You can talk about what is special to you and what you need.

If there is something special to you, let your parents know. These things might be things like:

★ When you will spend time with them
★ What school you would like to go to
★ When you want to play sport and do all the fun things

It is a way for all of you to work out what is best for everybody.